Our new location is getting closer to completion. We are now hiring for the new spot. Bring your resumes to 209 or email: eric.bujarski@three-less-one.com


We are not just a burger place, granted our burgers are pretty incredible. Our place is small and it’s usually pretty crowded, but you can plan on having some fun while you are here. Everyone is a regular or at least treated like one and yes, we actually have our own Norm. There are some goofy ones in our bunch, pretty much our whole staff, which adds a little to the atmosphere. Our kitchen staff walks with a swagger in their step. They claim to chef up more food than anyone in the state, at least per square foot of kitchen space. If you are in town to see Paul or his little blue buddy, checking out a play downtown, or just need your cheese curd fix, this is the place for you.